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Virtual Konnect
Why do most of us prefer to visit malls? The answer is simple. You get to explore all the popular brands together at one venue. Much better than running from pillar to post, exploring multiple venues & then deciding what you want to buy. Well, there’s no harm in doing that, except of course, it will leave you completely exhausted & is a time lapper.
We at Mobikonnect have always maintained that be smart & work smarter. And you need to work with this attitude even more, when you’re wanting to grow your business. So how about a platform that lets you manage all your marketing needs & campaigns from a single panel.
Campaign Konnect offers 4 communication channels - SMS/Voice/Emails/Web. Through these channels, you couldconnect with your prospective or existing customers &expose them to your ad campaigns or any new promotion that you have planned. What’s important is to investigate & understand, what & which customer, prefers, which channel. This with be helpful to drive ROI’s & to ensure that your money spent in the form of marketing, is visible to your audience.
Find the most preferable channel of communication for each of your customer &put your money, where their mouth is.
How does Campaign Konnect ease your marketing game plan ?